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Empowering Future Energy, Navigating Transformation, Driving Sustainable Innovation


The global energy industry is facing a major transition process. The transition is bringing unprecedented challenges driven by the increasing penetration of renewables into the energy supply mix, rapid shift in technology development, consumer preferences, regulations, and different investor orientations. No doubt that human capital and their collective knowledge and skills is the corner stone of this energy transition in which the emerging youngsters has to play a key role in it. The Young Professionals Forum at OPES 2024 will provide participants with an insightful view about some of the trending topics and challenges the energy industry is currently facing, discuss innovative ideas and pioneer initiatives, that will make them more competitive, more enabled and more connected with their peers towards to becoming effective leaders in a world of swift and disruptive changes.

Organised by

National Young Professionals



Monday–Wednesday, 22–24 April 2024


YP Lounge

The Young Professionals Lounge aims to foster engagement, knowledge sharing, and professional growth among young professionals attending OPES. It will serve as a vibrant hub where they can connect with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights into key industry trends and challenges. The activities are organised around three primary subjects: a safe and sustainable environment, hydrocarbon growth (carbon and cost competitiveness), empowering technology, and talent development. In each theme, a well-known speaker will be invited to discuss a related and trending topic in the energy industry through a short presentation or small session. Also, young professionals will be invited from the companies to share best practices and showcase innovative ideas and projects for environmental sustainability.


Wednesday, 24 April 2024




Opening Ceremony


Keynote Address


Roundtable 1: The Road Map Toward Achieving Oman Vision 2040 Energy Goals

Oman Vision 2040 places a significant energy target that supports the Sultanate's journey of energy transition. Through this vision, Oman is adapting the transition into green economy to develop projects and diversify into renewable energy resources such as solar and wind, green hydrogen production, as well as, demonstrating its importance through the announcements of several strategic projects leading Oman into being a future hydrogen hub. This round table discussion aims to showcase the Oman vision energy goals and road map and hence, allow an interactive dialogue between industry young professionals and future leaders to shed light into the opportunities and challenges in achieving these targets.


Coffee Break and Networking Lounge


Panel Session 5: Energy Industry Landscape: Futuristic Youth Perception

Conditions for accelerating change have been assembling for years. Advancement in information technology, automation, artificial intelligence and the highly dynamic political and social environment created a new reality where changes are much more rapid, continual and multi-dimensional. Change by it is nature can leave people and organisations vulnerable and fractured at a time where sustainability, affordability, and clean energy are the industry's top priorities. Young professionals' input is a critical source for innovative solutions. Their role does count and add value in the challenging journey of change. This panel discussion, delivered by a group of young industry leaders, will discuss the framework suitable for time of disputation to navigate these changes and build a resilient, cohesive and sustainable industry that can perform at its highest across all related sectors.


Luncheon and Prayer Break


Roundtable 2: Navigating Career Transitions in the Evolving Energy Sector

This roundtable will delve into adaptability, continuous learning, and strategic networking as essential elements for success. Participants will discuss career paths, mentorship, addressing barriers, and embracing an adaptable entrepreneurial mindset. The importance of soft skills and staying informed about industry trends will be highlighted, providing a comprehensive approach for young professionals navigating dynamic energy careers in the short and long term.


Closing Note


End of Event


OPES YP Program Committee


Alaa Al Zarafii
President of National Young Professionals Committee (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)
Geosteering & Reservoir Mapping Engineer​​​​​​

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Maram Al Belushi
Vice President of National Young Professionals Committee (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)
Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Oman


Hilal Al Ghefeili
Treasurer of National Young Professionals Committee (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)
Production Area Programmer
Petroleum Development Oman


Elham Al Eisri
Programme Chairperson of National Young Professionals Committee (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)
Head of People and Culture
Oman Energy Association (OPAL)

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Omar Al Isaee
Media and Communication Principle of National Young Professionals Committee (Ministry of Energy and Minerals)
Senior Petrophysicist
Petroleum Development Oman

About NYP Committee

In 2018, national young professionals from across the different subdivisions of the Sultanate of Oman energy industry came together with a mission to connect, develop and grow the future generation of industry leaders and to bridge the gap between student and professional, culminating in the establishment of the National Young Professionals Committee under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. The NYP committee provides a platform for knowledge sharing through 
outstanding events and networking with peers and local, regional or global emerging leaders. NYP also helps the members to stay updated about the trending topics in the energy sector worldwide. Through the events, it seeks to create synergy between all stakeholders, promote best practices, and excellency in task delivery to accelerate experience gaining and essential soft skills mastering. The committee is linked with global organisations and other YP committees from different countries thus; it has the opportunity to develop regional and global collaborations.