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OPES Project Showcase Session

After the successful event in 2022, this edition is returning in 2024 with a bigger and better agenda. We are proud to announce that this year's conference will focus on Affordable, Sustainable, and Clean Energy.

We believe that it is vital to address these issues as we work towards a better and brighter future for the global energy landscape. At the conference, we will have experts from different fields who will offer their valuable insights on how to achieve these goals.

Our mission is to provide a platform for companies and individuals to showcase their significant projects that contribute towards sustainable and clean energy. These projects are an integral part of shaping the future of our industry, and and we are excited to feature them in a dedicated session during the conference.

Project Showcase

2024 Project Showcase Session Finalists

Greener Drilling Fluid Solution by Daleel Petroleum

Greener Drilling Fluid Solution by Daleel Petroleum

Daleel Petroleum’s mission is the development of oil and gas resources in Oman in a manner that is safe, efficient, and responsible. It employs cutting-edge technologies to ensure maximum efficiency in the extraction of the precious natural resources hidden beneath the desert sands. In its innovative drilling projects, Daleel Petroleum prioritises environmental sustainability by opting for water-based mud (WBM) instead of the more convenient choice of oil-based mud (OBM). Faced with challenges, particularly in the area of wellbore stability, Daleel Petroleum conducted a comprehensive study to understand and address the difficulties associated with drilling using WBM. Their commitment to a greener future drove them to create a solution specifically tailored for water-based mud, spearheading a project that has been fittingly named the “Greener Drilling Fluid Solution”. By navigating through complexities and overcoming obstacles, Daleel Petroleum does not only contribute to environmental preservation but also establishes a benchmark for a more sustainable and responsible approach within the oil and gas industry.



MERIns: World's 1st Tool to Evaluate Cleanliness in Pipeline by PTTEP

The Intelligent Pipeline Internal Sampling Pig (so called “MERIns”) has been developed by PTTEP to collect samples from the internal surface of the pipeline for lab analysis of contaminants in order to manage and decide for further pipeline treatment or environmental impact studies.

Instead of deploying saturation divers along with dynamic positioning to drill on external surfaces of subsea pipelines for metal samples, which is the conventional method, these samples can be collected from pipeline internal surface by using MERIns.

MERIns has been designed, function-tested, and prototype-tested based on PTTEP’s Technology R&D process. It can collect up to 24 samples of pipeline metal per run with low environmental impact and low risk. It has been successfully deployed in the Gulf of Thailand and proven to be effective. It is conceived to practically and economically verify the process question of: “how clean is clean” for pipelines prior to selecting any further pipeline treatment and the best abandonment option.