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EXECUTIVE PLENARY SESSION: Transforming the Energy Industry to Deliver Affordable, Sustainable, and Clean Energy

Tuesday, 23 April
Grand Ballroom
Plenary Session

The energy industry has demonstrated resilience to the repeated cycles of low oil prices, geopolitical shifts, and climate crises by transforming itself efficiently and innovatively. The most recent cycle was more challenging for the industry as it needed to confront unprecedented environmental, technical, economic, and geopolitical challenges. This triggered the industry to undergo major transformation and significant shifts to be able to continue delivering energy but affordable, sustainable, and cleaner.

In this executive plenary session, industry executives leading the transformation will share their perspectives on how the industry as whole and their respective organisations are driving this change, experiences and lessons learnt, the remaining challenges, and emerging opportunities. They will shed lights on the efforts to confirm the roles and contributions of the energy industry to the socio-economic development by expanding its diverse resources to offer larger scope, developing new forms of energy mix, driving technological advances, and establishing collaborations with other industries. Such collective efforts go beyond transitioning to a far-reaching and impactful transformation.

Darcy Spady, Managing Partner - Carbon Connect International
Ahmed Al Azkawi, Chief Executive, Upstream - OQ
Yousuf Al-Ojaili, President - bp
Sami Baqi, Technical Director - Petroleum Development Oman
Nopasit Chaiwanakupt, Executive Vice President, Technology, Carbon Solutions, and Sustainable Growth Group - PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited
Dale Winger, Managing Director - Halliburton Labs