SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology
Conference and Exhibition

2–4 February 2021 | The Woodlands, Texas, USA 
The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center 

Call for Papers


Call for Papers

SPE is closely monitoring the impact of Covid-19 on travel and events. Authors, if your paper is accepted for presentation at the conference and plans for this conference change, SPE will pursue all alternatives available to still allow you the opportunity to present your paper.

Share your insights and expertise at the 2021 conference. The program committee invites you to share your technical innovations and accomplishments by submitting a paper proposal for consideration.

For questions or more information, contact Karissa Bailey, Staff Liaison.

Technical Categories

  • Acid Fracturing
  • Case Histories
  • Completion Hardware
  • Deep Water Frac-Packs
  • Environmental Challenges of Fracturing
  • Fracture Diagnostics
  • Fracture Modeling
  • Fracture Well Performance Evaluation and Production Forecasing
  • Fracturing Fluids
  • HP/HT Fracturing
  • Infill Wells and Frac Hits
  • Injection Well Fracturing
  • New Materials for Fracturing
  • Proppant Conductivity
  • Proppant Transport
  • QA/QC in Fracturing
  • Re-Fracturing
  • Regulatory Issues of Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Tight Gas Fracturing
  • Unconventional Gas Fracturing
  • Unconventional Oil Fracturing
  • Water Management for Stimulation
  • Well Spacing and Placement

Length of Abstract

Minimum: 225 words, Maximum: 450 words

Important Guidelines

Obtain necessary clearance from your management and start preparing now.

  • Authors whose paper proposals are accepted will be required to write a manuscript for inclusion in the conference proceedings by 27 October 2020.
  • Your session chairpersons will review a draft of your manuscript.  The deadline for submitting your draft is 13 October 2020.
  • DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR DRAFT INTO THE ONLINE SYSTEM. Send the draft directly to your session chairpersons. They will review and, if applicable, advise you of any revisions that need to be made before submitting your final manuscript and forms on or before 27 October 2020.
  • Authors who do not submit a manuscript and the associated publication forms by the stated deadline will be withdrawn from the program and will not be allowed to present per SPE’s No Paper, No Podium policy.

  • If accepted, your paper proposal may be published, as submitted, in conference media, including on the SPE website.

A Word About Commercialism

SPE has a stated policy against use of commercial trade names, company logos or text that is commercial in tone in the paper title, text, or presentation slides. Use of such terms will result in careful scrutiny by the Program Committee in evaluation paper proposals and the presence of commercialism in the paper will result in it being withdrawn from the program.

Plagiarism Check

We expect authors to credit all sources used in their writings and not to represent work of others as their own. Authors found to have plagiarized the work of another are subject to having their paper removed from the conference program and from OnePetro. Future submissions from authors found to have plagiarized will be scrutinized carefully. In the case of students found to be plagiarizing the work of others, SPE may inform the student’s university.

In an effort to further improve SPE’s technical quality standards, all submitted conference papers will be checked for plagiarism.

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