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Training Courses

Increasing the Operability of Intervention Operations by Understanding the Impacts of Environmental Forces and Operational Decisions

13 August 2024
Galveston, Texas, USA

Instructors: Brian Skeels, Ray Stawaisz

Course Description

This intermediate-level course, is designed to deepen participants' understanding of how environmental loads and decisions on equipment employed affect well interventions. It is particularly tailored for engineers requiring a knowledge of the vessel interaction with deployed equipment as weather or equipment changes.

Course Objectives:

  • Address operational considerations for subsea intervention - with respect to:
    • Capacities and Load cases
    • Global riser analysis
    • How GRA outputs feed Well Specific Operating Guidelines
    • Importance of fatigue assessment and fatigue screening
  • Understand the use of TR14 and fatigue screening using TR8

*This training course is available for symposium attendees only. Seating is limited.