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SPE Workshop: Production Optimisation in Oil and Gas Assets
23–24 January 2024 | Vienna, Austria


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Welcome to the SPE Workshop: Production Optimisation in Oil and Gas Assets

The Production Optimisation workshop is a high-quality event where experts, operators, and service companies share their latest developments, successes, and failures on late-life production topics in oil and gas assets as well as for new applications such as CO2 storage, geothermal and energy storage.

It will aim to improve and accelerate the development of activities to optimise production in gas and oil wells and assets (from early production to late-life) and is intended for all stakeholders operating in the exploration and production industry, from operators, to service companies, to research centres. The use of digital technologies to optimise operation and production from subsurface assets will be discussed during the workshop. In addition, the importance of production optimisation discipline in new applications such as CO2 storage, geothermal and energy storage will be highlighted.

Technical presentations will be alternated to breakout sessions, giving plenty of opportunities for lively interaction and networking among participants.



Data-Driven Production Optimisation

Artificial Lift

Chemicals in Production Optimisation

Water Management and Handling

New Applications: PO in CCS, Geothermal and Energy Storage

Late-life Production Optimisation

Production Monitoring and Surveillance

Gas Well Deliquification




Event Location & Travel Information

Welcome to Vienna, a city steeped in history, culture, and innovation. As the capital of Austria, Vienna offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, making it a memorable destination for attendees to explore and enjoy.

Vienna's rich cultural heritage and world-class amenities ensure that attendees can immerse themselves in an inspiring and enriching experience. From iconic landmarks to vibrant arts scenes, make sure to check out what Vienna has to offer whilst you are here with us!

Venue TBC

Travelling Via Plane

Vienna International Airport (VIE) is the main airport serving the city, located approximately 18 kilometers southeast of the city center. As Austria's largest airport, it offers excellent connections to various international destinations. Once you land, you can easily access the city centre via various transportation options:


  • City Airport Train (CAT): The CAT is a non-stop train service that takes you from the airport to Wien Mitte/Landstraße in just 16 minutes. Trains run every 30 minutes, making it a quick and efficient way to reach the city.


  • Vienna Airport Lines: These buses operate between the airport and various locations in Vienna, including Westbahnhof, Schwedenplatz, and Morzinplatz/Schwedenbrücke. Buses are frequent and offer a comfortable ride to the city centre.


  • Taxis and Rideshares: Taxis are readily available at the airport, and rideshare services like Uber operate here too.

Traveling Via Train

Traveling to Vienna by train is a popular and convenient option, especially for those coming from neighboring European cities. Vienna has a well-developed and efficient railway network, with several train stations catering to different routes.

The Wien Hauptbahnhof (Vienna Main Station) is the city's largest and most important train station, handling a wide range of domestic and international train services.

If you're arriving from cities like Budapest, Prague, Munich, or Zurich, you'll find comfortable and frequent connections via EuroCity (EC) and Railjet (RJ) trains. These high-speed trains offer modern amenities and provide a scenic journey through picturesque landscapes.

Traveling Via Car

Vienna is easily accessible by car via well-maintained highways. Keep in mind that some highways in Austria require a vignette (toll sticker) for use. Before driving, familiarize yourself with local traffic rules and regulations.

If you're arriving from Germany, the A8 and A1 motorways connect Munich to Vienna, offering a scenic drive through the picturesque Austrian countryside. Travelers coming from Italy can take the A23 motorway, which provides a picturesque route through the Alps.

While driving to Vienna offers convenience, parking within the city centre can be limited and expensive. Consider using public transportation or parking at Park & Ride facilities located on the outskirts of the city.


  • I think that in spite of the abundance of information online nowadays, our industry remains still more closed than others and it is difficult to find reliable and concrete support just by googling something. Therefore, such events and particularly this workshop are a fantastic and unique opportunity for knowledge sharing within our industry via reliable sources from people with years of experience. This secures the continuity of the knowledge flow in our industry and ensures that the information is not lost but rather developed further and enriched more.
    Sirine Trichili
  • The SPE Oilfield Scale Symposium is the perfect opportunity to expand your network, boost your reputation, and open doors to exciting new business prospects.
    Kees Veeken
    Mature Gas Well Consultancy
  • Attending this workshop is a valuable opportunity to access cutting-edge insights, network with industry experts, gain practical knowledge, and foster professional growth. It is an investment in personal and organizational development that can lead to improved problem-solving capabilities, collaboration opportunities, and enhanced career prospects within the Oil and Gas Industry.
    Gerlof Visser
  • Being a part of the SPE Oilfield Scale Symposium committee is an amazing experience! I see it as a chance to communicate the needs from professionals, especially young professionals and students in terms of what they want to listen to, what sort of topics they are interested in and what would support them now at a time where the industry is seeing tremendous shifts in companies focus and employees required skillset.
    Sirine Trichili
  • This workshop is an unique chance to meet participants from all over the world, working in different oil and gas companies and/or service providers, on different levels of their organisation. It is the perfect playground to exchange experience such as success stories but also errors that have been made and should be prevented the next time.
    Bjoern Lause
    Baker Hughes
  • Being a part of the event committee presents an exciting chance to spearhead creativity and showcase cutting-edge trends in the industry. Imagine introducing interactive virtual elements, augmented reality experiences, or innovative networking opportunities that will take the event's impact to new heights. Moreover, the collaborative environment within the committee will have a tangible effect on attendees, as their ideas come to life and create memorable experiences. The opportunity to network and learn from industry experts and like-minded individuals adds to the thrill of being on the event committee. The prospect of personal and professional growth, combined with the fulfilment of contributing to a truly innovative and dynamic event, makes this role a truly exhilarating one
    Gerlof Visser



Production Engineers

Data Science Professionals

Production Technologists

Production Consultants

Asset Managers

Production Chemists

Operational Managers

Flow Assurance Engineers



The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a not-for-profit organization. Income from this event will be invested back into SPE to support many other Society programs.

When you attend an SPE event, you help provide even more opportunities for industry professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence. Scholarships, certification, the Distinguished Lecturer program, and SPE’s energy education program Energy4me® are just a few examples of programs supported by SPE.

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