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Methane Emission Measurement & Mitigation (MEMM) | Tuesday 25 June 2024


Methane Emission Measurement & Mitigation (MEMM)

This one-day session will include a view of best practices for decarbonization with a focus on fugitive methane reduction. It will include global and local examples of carbon regulations, give tools for de-risking regulatory compliances and field-proven methane reduction technology cases. It will be introduced within the framework of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and regional Environmental and Social Metrics as proposed by governments or regulators, including the OGMP 2.0 standard. This is especially relevant to oil and gas production and the consequent action/strategies producers need to have in place for Regulators, Banks, Investors and Governments. In particular, the session will include technical discussions regarding key methane management compliance such as fugitive emissions and case studies of implemented solutions – pneumatic device replacement, elimination of tank venting, compressor seal replacement, and elimination/recycling of casing gas. The session will also look at the typical data management requirements. It will also cover strategic planning, emissions quantification methodologies, facility design, data management, pneumatics, compression, leak detection and flaring.


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Geothermal Energy – From Potential to Implementation | Tuesday 25 June 2024


Geothermal Energy – From Potential to Implementation

Geothermal energy resources can play a key role towards meeting net-zero emissions targets. This one-day session will review the principles and uses of geothermal energy in today's energy mix, focusing on the progression from preliminary resource assessment to project implementation. Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of geothermal technologies, their current level of maturity and international uptake. Since untapping the geothermal potential worldwide requires interdisciplinary competence, this session will highlight synergistic opportunities across geo-energy sectors, identifying areas where future research efforts should be addressed to accelerate the energy transition.

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