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A warm welcome from the Conference Chair


Dear Colleagues,

Times call for the scientific community and industry to take on the energy transition’s challenges and seize the opportunity to join the energy, environmental, technological and economic communities to ensure energy security, pursue sustainable technology development and promote climate change mitigation.

It is this awareness that inspires the new edition of the Europe Energy Conference, Europe’s main SPE event. Formerly known as EuropEC, the conference continues its tradition of showcasing the latest science and technology needed by the energy and E&P industry but is enriched with new disciplines, leveraging undiscussed proficiency in the subsurface while broadening the focus to all aspects of the energy transition. 

The conference will provide the chance to establish a common ground throughout disciplines to highlight scientific and technical achievements, identify needs to deploy the value chain of the energy transition, share proposed guidelines for optimising integrated processes and procedures, and discuss the new targets of education in the energy sector.

In line with the European Green Deal and with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the underlying concepts are the pursuit of clean and affordable energy for all and the transition to a low-carbon economy while reducing the environmental impact and mitigating adverse events. Themes covered by the conference will include subsurface geology, engineering and management, energy storage, plant conversion, decarbonisation, innovative technologies, new materials, NetZero energy economics, machine learning and AI, with special attention to the overall sustainability in the energy industry. 

Participating researchers, scholars, professionals, contractors as well as policymakers will enjoy a stimulating environment with a unique opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of the energy sector.

We look forward to meeting you at the SPE Europe Energy Conference in June!


Professor Francesca Verga
Underground Energy Systems, Politecnico di Torino

Professor Francesca Verga


Turin, Italy

Turin is the capital city of Piedmont and an important business and cultural centre in Northern Italy. Known for its refined architecture and cuisine, it is rich in history, and is known for its numerous art galleries, restaurants, churches, palaces, opera houses, piazzas, parks, and gardens. The Alps rise to the northwest of the city which is a beautiful backdrop to behold. 

About the Organisers

About the Organisers

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