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Engage and Connect with the Canadian Energy Community

Elevate your organization’s profile and shine in the spotlight before an audience of seasoned E&P professionals, including industry leaders and decision makers. The secret to making an unforgettable impression? Snag one of our exclusive sponsorship packages! 

These sponsorship opportunities aren’t just one-size-fits-all; they are meticulously crafted to match a range of marketing goals and budgets. Consider this your fast pass to industry visibility and influence! Not to mention, these tailored packages can boost your brand’s reach and put you in the right place to connect with the precise technical crowd for your products and services.  




Thanks to Our 2024 Sponsors

Achieve Your Marketing Objectives

Network with Industry Professionals

Network face-to-face with
business leaders and decision
makers. Acquire valuable
sales leads and client feedback
at this unique event that brings industry and regional professionals together.

Gain Maximum Brand Exposure

Expand your brand exposure
to a regional audience of
professionals, all with diverse backgrounds. Through numerous opportunities for logo placement across the website and through
the marketing campaign to
targeted potential customers
in the run-up to the event.

Promote Thought Leadership

Position your company as a progressive industry player at the forefront of energy innovation. Align your organization with the key discussion points and challenges facing energy companies and associate your brand with the highest caliber technical content in the industry.


Get Started and Contact Your SPE Sales Representative Today!

Discover how you and your business can participate. Our packages include a variety of ways you can make your company’s expertise known.

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