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Important Dates and Deadlines

30 Days from invoice submittal or 14 days before event (whichever is first): 100% Balance Due

16 FEBRUARY 2024: SPE Exhibitor Information Form Due

11 MARCH 2024: Loading Dock Booking through Voyage Control (Link coming end of February)

26 FEBRUARY 2024: Calgary Stampede Exhibitor Online Order Form Early Bird Price Deadline 

26 FEBRUARY 2024:  A/V needs to be booked and payment due (through Encore)

27 FEBRUARY 2024: GES Online Order Portal

1 MARCH 2024: Exhibitor Parking Pass Early Bird Deadline 
Calgary Stampede Exhibitor Order

Exhibition Schedule


Tuesday, 12 March                                1000 to 1800

All exhibits must be installed by 1800 Tuesday, 12 March.

Exhibition Schedule:

Wednesday, 13 March

Registration                                             0700 to 1700

Exhibition                                                 0900 to 1800

Note: Exhibitors may enter at 0700  

Thursday, 14 March

Registration                                             0700 to 1700

Exhibition                                                0900 to 1500

Note:  Exhibitors may enter at 0700


Thursday, 14 March                                 1500 to 2000

All freight must be cleared from the BMO Centre by 2000 Thursday, 14 March.

**Please do not begin removal of any display items or literature, or begin dismantling exhibits until 1500 hours on Thursday, 14 March.

***Times are subject to change due to venue and program updates

Exhibitor Checklists and Order Forms

Pre Event Checklist

Have you filled out your Exhibitor Information Form to SPE for proper recognition? 

☐ Have you read the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations from SPE? 

☐ Have you read the Calgary Stampede Terms and Conditions?

☐ Have you ordered furniture and display items from GES? 

****Please note that carpeting is required for your booth

☐ Have you ordered services (i.e. electrical, internet) for your booth through Exhibitor Services?

☐ Have you ordered any Audio/Visual requirements from Encore Services?

☐ Have you booked your loading dock time for move-in through Voyage Control? (coming in February)

☐ Review BMO's Event Shipping and Receiving Procedures

Move In Checklist

☐ Upon arrival, if you have ordered a parking pass, pick it up from the Exhibitor Concierge at the loading dock. (You do not need a parking pass if you are just dropping off)

☐ Have your Voyage Control QR code ready to show the parking attendant to check in at the loading docks.

☐ Locate your assigned booth space in Hall D and unload your vehicle.

☐ Once unloaded, park your car and return to set up your booth. (Exhibitor parking permit required if staying)

Move Out Checklist

☐ Read over the move out instructions provided to you.

☐ Pack up booth only when the general services contractor begins rolling up the aisle carpeting (3pm).

☐ When you are packed and ready to move out, please connect with the venue Exhibitor Concierge Team (they will be roaming the show floor) and they can provide the move-out QR code for booking load out.

☐ After the aisle carpeting has been removed and you have booked your move out time, you will be able to take your items to your vehicle in the loading dock area at the booked time.

☐ Please leave any items you have ordered in your booth space.


Highlighted Rules and Regulations

  • Exhibitors are responsible for providing all additional furniture, equipment and power for their booths.
      • 8' high background and 3' high side dividers in flame retardant black drapes
      • sign with company name and booth number
      • carpeting must be ordered for this event
  • SPE does require each exhibitor to have insurance, however, proof of coverage is not required.
  • SPE is organized and operated exclusively to promote and further advance scientific and technical knowledge. To maintain the unparalleled technological experience, SPE must enforce a photography and videography policy that will protect the leading-edge technology showcased at the event. Please see the official Rules and Regulations to review the full policy.
  • For insurance and safety reasons, Exclusive Contractors MUST be used for services such as:
    • Catering
    • Electrical
    • Rigging
    • Plumbing
    • Drayage/Forklift Operations
    • Telecommunications

Please contact April Cote with any questions. We appreciate your cooperation!