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SPE Symposium and Exhibition: Decommissioning and Abandonment
3–4 December 2024 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Message from Symposium Chair

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Message from Symposium Chair

Dear Industry Colleagues,

On behalf of the Symposium Committee, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to the SPE Symposium and Exhibition: Decommissioning and Abandonment, scheduled to be held from 3–4 December 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Amidst the global transition towards cleaner energy, the reuse and repurposing of disused oil and gas infrastructure should be seriously considered as viable decommissioning options to promote sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Although the challenges of decommissioning and abandonment are formidable, adopting a holistic, sustainable, and collaborative approach enables us to envision and create a future where trust, credibility, and a sense of responsibility to the environment take centre stage. These endeavours are typically costly and lack revenue generation, yet they are vital for mitigating safety and environmental risks. Emerging trends and technologies are applied to optimise costs, manage risks, and ensure
regulatory compliance.

Topics and discussions at the symposium will encompass policies, regulations, offshore and onshore decommissioning, cost optimisation, lessons learnt and best practices. Despite challenges, collaborative efforts have the potential to spur innovation, promote sustainability, and drive responsible energy practices in Asia
Pacific and globally.

We welcome and encourage the support and collaboration of our industry and its leaders to join us in showcasing your thought leadership, solutions, and services at the symposium. We eagerly anticipate your participation at the SPE Symposium and Exhibition on Decommissioning and Abandonment in Kuala Lumpur!.

Handan Ramli

Ariff Irfan Zainai
Symposium Chair
General Manager
Asset Decommissioning
Malaysia Petroleum Management