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SPE Workshop: Complex Reservoir Fluids—PVT in Brown Assets
Towards Energy Transition and Improved Recovery

23–24 October 2024 | Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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SPE Workshop: Complex Reservoir Fluids—PVT in Brown Assets
Towards Energy Transition and Improved Recovery

23–24 October 2024 | Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Call for Speakers

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Call for Speakers

Behind every technology, research, and strategy is an intellectual who has spent hours analysing information or perfecting an application.
We thank you for your efforts in advancing the industry and invite you to submit an abstract.

The submission deadline is on 6 May 2024.

Submit an Abstract

Abstract Topics

Session 1:
Sampling and In-Situ Fluid Behaviour with a Focus on Mature Reservoirs

Session 2:
Advanced PVT Measurements for Complex Processes

Session 3:
Fluid Modelling in New Frontiers

Session 4:
Harnessing the Power of Digital Solutions and ML for Enhanced Reservoir Fluids Data and Characterisation Precision

Session 5:
Utilising Integrated Tools to Enhance the Understanding of Reservoir Continuity and Compartmentalisation

Session 6:
Role of PVT in Integrated EOR Processes

Session 7:
Integrated Fluid Management

Session 8:
Fluid Analysis for Enhanced CCS/CCUS Project Design 

Session 9:
What Else Can the Subsurface Bring Us?

Submission Guidelines

To submit an abstract, please review the guidelines mentioned below, and fill the submission form before the submission deadline 6 May 2024.
  1. Obtain necessary clearance and travel approval from your management.
  2. SPE policy prohibits the paying of any SPE honorarium or any travel or lodging expenses connected with speaker participation. All speakers are required to register and pay the workshop registration fees. 
  3. The abstract should be formatted into four specific paragraphs, as per the online submission form. The combined word count must be between 250 and 450 words in length.
  4. Please summarise the experience that qualifies you to present this abstract at the workshop.
  5. Your abstract will be reviewed and approved by the Workshop Steering Committee. An email confirmation will be sent on acceptance/selection of the abstract.

Changes, Cancellations, and Withdrawals
SPE and the Workshop Steering Committee consider an accepted abstract as a commitment to present. If extenuating circumstances prevent the presenter from making the presentation, it is the presenter’s obligation to notify the SPE and session chair(s), if applicable. Withdrawals must be made in writing to the SPE office as soon as possible.

Sanction Laws

SPE must comply with all applicable sanction laws, including those of the United States and the United Kingdom. This includes screening individuals and entities against applicable lists of restricted parties to determine whether SPE is prohibited from, among other things, providing services to or receiving services from such parties.

As a result, your abstract will go through a compliance review and if identified one or more authors or the entity they represent is listed on the SDN sanction list, we must regretfully inform you that your presentation will not be considered in forming the workshop programme. We appreciate your submission and your understanding of SPE Workshop: Complex Reservoir Fluids - PVT in Brown Assets Towards Energy Transition and Improved Recovery legal compliance criteria.


Writing an Abstract

The abstract should be about 250-450 words and include the following elements:

  • Title: provide a short and informative with familiar terms.
  • Objectives/Scope: Please list the objectives and/or scope of the proposed presentation.
  • Methods, Procedures, Process: Briefly explain your overall approach, including your methods, procedures and process.
  • Results, Observations, Conclusions: Please describe the results, observations and conclusions of the proposed presentation.
  • Novel/Additive Information: Please explain how this presentation will present novel (new) or additive information to the existing body of literature that can be of benefit to and/or add to the state of knowledge in the petroleum industry.

Tips for Writing an Abstract

  • Your title should avoid words “new” and “improved”.
  • Avoid literature overview in your objective.
  • Answer the “what” and “how” in your method.
  • Highlight the importance of your findings in your observations.
  • Avoid repeating your results and observations in your conclusion.
  • Focus the application of your findings on how to improve the industry needs in an efficient and environmentally safe manner.
  • Highlight specifics about your innovations.
  • Provide succinct, relevant and convincing information.

Selection Criteria

Your proposal should demonstrate that your presentation will:

  • Contribute solid technical knowledge in a particular area or present relevant and interesting information
  • Present information that is technically sound
  • Present new knowledge or experience that has not been published previously
  • Not be commercial in nature and will not promote specific companies, products or services

Sample Abstract

Click here to view and download a sample abstract.

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