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SPE Workshop: Fiber-Optic Sensing Applications for Field Development, Integrity and Optimisation
20- 21 February 2024 | Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars | London, UK

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SPE Workshop: Fiber-Optic Sensing Applications for Field Development, Integrity and Optimisation
20- 21 February 2024 | Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars | London, UK

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SPE Workshop: Fiber-Optic
Sensing Applications for Field
Development, Integrity and

20 - 21 February 2024 | Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars | London, UK




Thank you for attending the 2024 SPE Workshop: Fiber-Optic Sensing Applications for Field Development, Integrity and Optimisation

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Fiber-Optics at the Forefront: Advancing Field Development, Integrity & Optimisation

Over the last three decades, the world of fiber optic sensing has undergone a remarkable transformation, propelling us from the pioneering days of distributed temperature sensing (DTS) in the 1990s to the cutting-edge inclusion of optical-based pressure gauges, seismic accelerometers, flowmeters, and an array of innovative point sensors in the 2000s. Fast forward to the 2010s, and the introduction of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) has further revolutionised the optical sensing system, encompassing fibers, cables, sensors, deployment, processing, and interpretation technologies.




Our Committee

Our Committee

Our carefully selected committee of over 15 industry experts who are working across a variety of projects across the sector are excited to welcome you to this year's workshop.


Apply to Present

Apply to Present

Join us in London as one of our esteemed speakers, and be a part of exciting discussions and technical sessions amongst other key players working across the sector.


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Sponsorship Opportunities

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  • Despite being in our everyday life, fiber optics is still a relatively misunderstood and underutilized technology in the oil and gas industry. This event is key to advertising the many capabilities of fiber optics for flow profiling, wellbore integrity, treatment diagnostics, and more. The discussions, fueled by curated presentations and topics, highlight how fiber optics can support sustainability initiatives for the oil and gas, and the role it has to play in the ongoing energy transition.
    Pierre Ramondenc
  • It is an honor to be a part of the committee for this SPE workshop, working among those who are pushing this technology forward. Each of these events brings an opportunity to learn more about a technology that continues to grow.
    Andres Chavarria
    LUNA OptaSense
  • Participants will get an appreciation of the value proposition of fiber-optics for the oil and gas, with many examples of how it offers unparalleled insights on reservoir behaviours and operational effectiveness. The panel discussion is certainly the highlight of the event, with an open discussion between operators and service providers on benefits and challenges of the technology. This usually sets the scene for in-depth reviews of key applications (e.g., integrity surveillance, stimulation diagnostics, flow profiling, seismic studies), which will all attract their crowd of specialists.
    Pierre Ramondenc
  • Advances in fiber optic sensing are taken place at a rapid place, and more and more new applications are now being available for the various sensors. In this workshop, we will ensure that we can get the most value from this technology through exciting discussions, Q&A sessions and case studies from professionals working in this space.
    Andres Chavarria
    LUNA OptaSense



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Hear about the latest fiber-optic monitoring technology and field case studies, with significant value to operating companies stressed




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