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SPE Workshop: Geothermal Digital and Automation
4–5 June 2024 | The Chifley Houston, Tapestry Collection by Hilton | Houston, Texas

SPE Logo

SPE Workshop: Geothermal Digital and Automation
4–5 June 2024 | The Chifley Houston, Tapestry Collection by Hilton | Houston, Texas

Speaker Tool Kit

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Speaker Tool Kit

Upcoming Deadlines

Item Due Date Submit To
Presentation Title (for Publishing)  16 April 2024  email to Session Chairpersons
Presentation Slides (ppt)  21 May 2024  email to Session Chairpersons

Presentation Release Form (online)
Three options: share slides, share edited slides, or no sharing

 21 May 2024  Online - before the event
Poster Guidelines (pdf)   21 May 2024  email PDF to Session Chairs


  • Submit your presentation slides and/or poster materials to your session chairs by the due date. Slides and posters are reviewed for commercialism, content, length and readability.
  • Bring the final version of your presentation with you to the workshop on a USB drive.
  • Presentations will be uploaded on the presentation laptop during breakfast each morning. 
  • Bring your final poster materials to the workshop, along with a PDF version on USB drive.
  • A URL containing released copies of the presentations and posters will be available following the workshop. Complete your presentation release form before the event.

Presentation Guidelines

Slide Format

  • 16 x 9 widescreen format
  • Slides and presentation must be in English

Poster Format

  • Should not exceed 36-inches tall and 48-inches wide
  • A poster hard board with easel will be provided by SPE
  • The poster will be secured with Velcro or double-sided tape

Commercialism Policy

  • Generic descriptions should replace commercial trade names or trademarked materials
  • Company logos allowed on title and closing slide only
  • Text which is overtly commercial in tone or intent within presentation titles, slides, text, tables, figures, animation, audio, and video is prohibited

Presentation Length

  • 15 minute presentation (limit slides), followed by 15 minutes of discussion (session chairs may provide a different timing)
  • Use the discussion period to encourage lively comments. Challenge the audience and ask them questions. Be thought-provoking

What to Include

  • Data to support your ideas and solidify your message
  • Case histories/field examples
  • Best practices
  • Failures and challenges
  • Lessons learned 
  • New data/information - do not restate a previous presentation or paper

Audio Visuals

  • All video links should be embedded within the presentation.  If sound is needed, contact your SPE staff liaison, before the event.
  • A computer, LCD projector, wireless microphone, wireless advancer, and laser point will be provided.  If you require any additional or special audiovisual needs, contact your SPE staff liaison, before the event.

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