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SPE Workshop: The Future of Well Integrity
5 - 6 March 2024 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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SPE Workshop:
The Future of Well Integrity

5-6 March 2024 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Beyond Boundaries: Innovating Well Integrity in a Changing World

Environmental impact and energy security are very visible and create serious challenges for society and our planet. The transition to clean energy is urgently required and is driving significant change in the way we think about the future of the petroleum industry.

There is an inevitable reality that hydrocarbons will account for a large proportion of global energy mix for many years to come while older assets will gradually have to be retired. It is therefore incumbent upon us as professionals in energy to manage responsibly aging assets and develop new ones in more sustainable ways. The effective lifecycle management of well risk and integrity is a critical part of this effort. We must manage wells safely, economically and with minimal environmental impact to support an effective energy transition and safeguard our common future




By attending an SPE workshop, you can connect, communicate, and collaborate with specialised Energy & Petroleum experts, and shape the future of well integrity, energy transition, and global sustainability.

Staged in an intimate setting, an SPE workshop brings together E&P professionals with common roles, businesses, or technology challenges to collaborate and solve problems together.

To play an active part and make a difference in a sustainable future of well integrity, our industry, and our planet. Unique opportunity to learn from a collective of industry experts and stakeholders who share a passion to make a difference towards sustainability.


  • This workshop is extremely relevant to good management of ageing wells in the coming decades, particularly in light of Paris COP commitments and reduction of GHG emissions; and a reduced social license to operate for the Oil & Gas industry in many countries. Attendees will gain valuable insights from industry peers, experts and a variety of stakeholders, as well as networking and formulating possible paths forward for better management of well integrity in the future.
    Pierre-Edouard Vincent
    Trident Energy
  • I think it is very important that the industry align on how well integrity for well in the operational phase of the well is governed and managed. That can only be achieved by sharing practices, philosophies, ideas and that the different players develops and maintains a good personal network. Events like this is a very good arena for picking up new ideas and for meeting people with the same responsibilities and interests.
    Thor Paulsen
  • Within the world of integrity, the most powerful tool we possess is the sharing of learnings and knowledge. This workshop will make sure that we move forward and don't repeat the failures of the past.
    Peter Lützen
    TotalEnergies Denmark A/S
  • Events such as this contribute to a safer and more sustainable industry, giving a platform for others to share their leading practices so we can learn from their experiences, and take away knowledge to use in our own environments
    George Galloway
  • The SPE Workshop: The Future of Well Integrity is such an important event to the industry as it enables us to share knowledge, work processes and new technology within the Well Integrity sector.
    Birgit Vignes
    Vår Energi
  • There are many benefits to attending events like this such as an increased knowledge of well integrity principles and practices, improved skills in well integrity management, networking opportunities with other well integrity professionals, and professional development opportunities.
    Fayez Issa
  • As always, the topics on these events covers a wide range of challenges. This year I personally think the parts related to the energy transition is especially interesting. The energy transition has become more and more important for the industry and the society in general. There is no exemption for us working with well integrity, particularly on topics following Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS). Almost all areas of interest for CCS has one or more old well drilled in the area (Legacy well) that will be affected by the CO2. Leakage risk from these old Legacy wells has become a topic that must be understood fully and handled accordingly.
    Thor Paulsen
  • The best thing about workshops such as this is the collective sharing of challenges, which the service academia can include in their research supported by the service industry for trial and upscaling the technology for implementation and cost optimization.
    Manish Srivastava
    ADNOC Offshore


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Our Committee

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