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SPE Energy Transition Symposium

12–14 AUGUST 2024 | Hyatt Regency Baytown – Houston




Themed "Accelerating the Energy Transition: Integrating Systems, Empowering People, and Enabling the Future," this symposium aims to establish itself as the preeminent platform dedicated to the energy transition.

Our primary objective is to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of knowledge drawn from the insights of industry leaders, technical experts, academics, practitioners, representatives from the financial community, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) leaders. Through collaborative efforts, we intend to foster discussions, technological advancements, and exchanges that will move industry forward into a sustainable and innovative future.

The symposium's agenda encompasses a rich array of sessions, including keynote addresses, panel discussions, technical presentations, and poster presentations. Visionary practitioners at the forefront of the energy transition will take attendees into how key projects are altering the energy landscape. 

Led by industry executives and experts, panel sessions will delve into strategic topics related to the energy transition.

Technical sessions will highlight the expertise of practitioners and professionals from diverse technical disciplines within the industry, offering insights into ideas, best practices, innovative solutions, progress, and technological advances addressing current challenges in the energy transition space.


This event provides an exceptional opportunity for seasoned and emerging professionals alike to share experiences, learn from peers, and forge relationships with attendees representing diverse backgrounds and topics of interest. The symposium will specifically focus on critical themes such as Integration/Collaboration, Decarbonization, Enabling Energy Transition, and exploration of innovative technologies in CCUS, Geothermal, and Hydrogen.

Featured Speakers

Technical Program

Technical Program

Perspectives on cultivating conversations, harnessing technological breakthroughs, and enabling collaborations that drive industries towards a sustainable and forward-thinking future will be shared. 



Exhibiting at the SPE Energy Transition Symposium provides a platform for companies to showcase products, services, and solutions to a targeted audience interested in energy transition, sustainability, and innovation.



Maximize your reach and brand presence to a targeted audience with a sponsorship. Reserve your spot today to demonstrate your company's commitment to the energy landscape. 

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