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SPE Oilfield Scale Symposium 
5 - 6 June 2024 | The Aberdeen Altens Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland


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Lab studies and scale management strategies

06 Jun 2024

This session highlights new developments for halite solubility measurement, near wellbore carbonate and sulphate scale dissolvers and a comparison of scale management strategies for conventional vs. unconventional wells. The need for improved prediction accuracy for halite solubility in high CaCl2 solutions under HPHT conditions will be discussed alongside suggestions for future model revisions. Secondly, the potential formation damage capacity of carbonate and sulphate dissolvers investigated by two-phase core flood studies will be presented. This session will conclude with a technical overview of scale management strategies applied in conventional and unconventional wells, considering a future need for extended reach wells.

1530-1600: SPE-218735 - Understanding the Impact of Water Injection Flow Rate on Brine Composition and Calcite Scaling in Reactive Carbonate Reservoirs as a Function of the Oil Composition and Oil Saturation - Patricia Gusmão, Eric Mackay, Heriot-Watt University

1600-1630: SPE-218733 - Evaluation of Scale Dissolver Products for Near-Wellbore Applications - Chunfang Fan, Oluchukwu Aloke, Alexander Nelson, Erin Temple, SLB

1630-1700: SPE-218734 - Conventional Versus Unconventional Scale Management, a Sustainable Approach to Assure Well Integrity and Productivity in Giant Offshore Field in Abu Dhabi - Khaled Al Azeezi, Alyaa Al Shamsi, Mohamed Ali, Khalid Aldhaheri, Nadir Odeh, Sultan Alriyami, ADNOC Offshore

Alternate: SPE-218736 - Methodology to Evaluate Calcite Scale Inhibitors Under Turbulent Flow for Subsea Oilfield Production Applications - Daniel Pimentel, Mason Thomson, Amy Kan, Rice University

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Marius Stamnes - Equinor

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