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SPE Oilfield Scale Symposium 
5 - 6 June 2024 | The Aberdeen Altens Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland


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Case Studies Part 3

06 Jun 2024

This session covers a wide range of topics, including a cross-functional study with a scale diagnose and control of unconventional wells combining produced water source allocation, scale modeling, lateral production logging, well intervention, and analog well observations. One study provides an insight into the impacts of FeS deposition control in various applications and shares valuable best practices from case histories to aid in successfully FeS scale management. Another study presents combined results of reactive transport model and field observations demonstrating that sulfate level in injected seawater could be relaxed while some wells require close monitoring. The session also features a case study of the Brazilian Pre-Salt, emphasising the importance of matching lab testing conditions as close as possible with field conditions, rather than “worst case” scenario, was highlighted. Finally, another study demonstrated how alkalinity can be used to calculate pH in complex water mixtures, with the help of a robust algorithm.

1330-1400: Invited Presentation - In-depth Insight into Subsurface Scaling Risk in Unconventional Production by Integrating Produced Water Source Allocation, Scale modeling, and Production Logging Results - Wei Wang, Wei Wei, Yegor Se, Chao Yan, Chevron

1400-1430: SPE-218728 - Overview of FeS Scale Control and Treatment Under Challenging Application Conditions - Haiping Lu, Wei Wei, Wei Wang, David Leach, Chao Yan, Chevron

1430-1500: SPE-218729 - Impact of Reservoir on Relaxation of Requirement for SRP whilst Protecting Production - Reactive Transport Modelling for a Mature Offshore Field - Xu Wang, Parex Solutions Ltd; Salima Baraka-Lokmane, TotalEnergies; Eric Mackay, Heriot-Watt University

Alternate: Poster Presentation - Improving Economic Success of SI Treatments in Large Brazilian Pre Salt Fields by Improved Laboratory Screening - Ian Littlehales, Gordon Graham, Sarah Dyer, Scaled Solutions; Saul Simões Neto, Jose Mateus Dias Neto, Petrobras; Jiyoung Lee, Marcello Mendes, Shell; Saebom Ko, Brown & Root Industrial Service

Alternate: SPE-218731 - What Alkalinity Is and Why It Is Needed for pH Calculations in Oilfield Waters - Description of a Rapid and Robust Algorithm - Baard Kaasa, Scale Consult AS

Salima Baraka-Lokmane - TotalEnergies
Ying Xu - ConocoPhillips

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