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SPE Oilfield Scale Symposium 
5 - 6 June 2024 | The Aberdeen Altens Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland


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Case Histories Part 1

05 Jun 2024

Field cases are an excellent source of information on real-life scale issues. In this first session on field experience, we will hear about the development of a comprehensive scale management strategy using a ‘scale risk factor’ to optimize chemical consumption on the Norwegian Valhall asset. A case study from the Southern North Sea will show how fresh water injection to prevent halite scale deposition resulted in complete blockage of the well with barium sulphate. Finally, a field case from deep water Gulf of Mexico will introduce a new treatment fluid to overcome challenges when fracturing wells using seawater.

1330-1400: SPE-218711 - How to Develop a Comprehensive Scale Management Strategy and Use the Scale Risk Factor (SRF) for Chemical Optimisation - Giulia Ness, Flow Confidimus; Magnus Langvik, Lilian Strand Ree, AkerBP

1400-1430: SPE-218712 - Effect of Water Salinity on Barium Sulphate Formation in the Context of Gas Wells in the Dutch Sector of the North Sea - Bert Doldersum, Salima Baraka-Lokmane, TotalEnergies

1430-1500: SPE-218713 - Case Studies of Novel Seawater-Based FracPac Fluid Used in DeepWater Gulf of Mexico With Barium Rich Formation Fluids Present - Andrew Slocum, Zhiwei (David) Yue, Linping Ke, Michael Thomas, Halliburton; Ji-young Lee, Jeremy Lacamu, Matthew Kottemann, Ryan Van Zanten, Ken Lizak, Shell; Oya Karazincir, Maricel Marquez, Chevron

Alternate: Poster Presentation - Monitoring Multiple Scale Squeeze Treatments in a Single Comingled Stream Utilizing a Novel Analytical Method and Optimized Sample Preservation - KaTrina Daniels, Louise Sutherland, Austin Ward, Myles M. Jordan, ChampionX

Alternate: Poster Presentation - Geochemical Reaction Core Flooding Study to Evaluate Mineral Dissolution and Deposition During Low Sulphate Seawater (LSSW) Injection and Impact on LSSW Sulphate Specification of Seawater Treatment - Ian Littlehales, Rob Hutchison, Robert Stalker, Gordon Graham, Scaled Solutions; Mingdong Yuan, Paul Evans, Wei Wang, Chevron

Stephan Hatscher, Senior Well and Production Chemistry Advisor - Wintershall Dea
Ross McCartney - Oilfield Water Consultants Limited

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