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SPE Oilfield Scale Symposium 
5 - 6 June 2024 | The Aberdeen Altens Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland


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Emerging Technology

05 Jun 2024

The development and application of new technology provides an important contribution to maintain and continuously improve scale management strategies which are needed to keep both new and existing assets in the oil, gas and energy industries in good health. The papers in this session will highlight recent developments in scale management which will include novel chemical deployment technology for calcium carbonate scale control, new approaches to strategic scale mitigation in low water cut wells and improvements in onsite scale inhibitor analysis. In addition, a new understanding will be gained of the challenges for squeezing carbonate reservoirs and the prediction and control of calcium iron carbonate scales at high temperature.

0900-0930: SPE-218701 - Beyond Windows: Glass Solid Scale Inhibitors with Controlled Release at Elevated Temperatures for Extended Carbonate Scale Protection in the Lab and Field - Chad Gilmer, Louise Sutherland, Myles Jordan, Jesse Lee, ChampionX

0930-1000: SPE-218702 - Strategic Scale Mitigation for Oil Wells With a Low Water Cut - Mersaka Benkhaled, Frederic Tort, Salima Baraka-Lokmane, David Fretard, Nicolas Lesage, TotalEnergies

1000-1030: Invited Presentation - Overcoming the Challenges for Rapid Onsite Scale Inhibitor Residuals Analysis Using Improved Time Resolved Fluorescence Approaches - David Nichols, Gordon Graham, Scaled Solutions

Alternate: SPE-218704 - Equilibrium Modelling of Interactions in DETPMP-Carbonate System - Mahdi Kalantari, Oscar Vazquez, Kenneth S. Sorbie, Eric J. Mackay, Khosro Jarrahian, Heriot Watt University

Alternate: SPE-218705 - The Formation, Prediction, and Inhibition of CaFe(CO3)2 in Produced Brine Under High Temperature - Yuqing Ye, Xin Wang, Amy Kan, Mason Tomson, Rice University

Thibaut Charpentier - Baker Hughes
Stephen Heath - Creative Chemical Solutions

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