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SPE Oilfield Scale Symposium 
5 - 6 June 2024 | The Aberdeen Altens Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland


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Knowledge Sharing Posters

05 Jun 2024

In addition to the papers that are presented at the symposium, a number of additional papers are available and will be presented in poster format. These technical posters cover a wide range of topics and represent multiple demographic areas. Poster presenters will be available for questions and discussion at their designated session, spread over the coffee breaks. We hope you enjoy this additional opportunity for learning.

SPE-218737: Scale Control in Geothermal Wells – What are the Options for Effective and Economic Scale Management?

SPE-218738: The Impact of Copolymers and Sulfonated Polymers on the Adsorption of Phosphonate Scale Inhibitors

Poster Presentation: Environmentally Responsible Cyclic Organic Carbonate Based Chemistries as Pre-Flush Solvent for Squeeze Application

SPE-218741: Development of a Novel Scale Inhibitor for Mineral Scaling Control Under Extreme Harsh Production Scenarios

SPE-218742: Unconventional Scale Inhibition and Acid Stimulation Strategies for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Sandstone Formations: A Case Study from Southern Oman

SPE-218743: Decoupling Phosphonate Scale Inhibitors Adsorption and Precipitation Mechanism

SPE-218745: Data Driven Total Systems Analysis Leads to Successful Treatment of Severe Calcium Carbonate Scale; In the Delaware Basin Avalon Formation

SPE-218746: Optimizing Scale Inhibitor Squeeze Performance for Chalk Reservoirs: Concept, Validation, to Treatment Design

Ping Chen - CNPC R&D
Amy Kan - Rice University
Cyril Okocha - Clariant

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