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Summer School

Supporting the 'Geothermal Energy: Resource Assessment, Plants, and Environmental Impacts' Summer School

Adapting to the Energy Transition


This unique event aims to provide a common platform across various disciplines, with a spotlight on the notable scientific and technical advancements in the sphere of energy transition. It is an opportunity to identify the necessities required to deploy and streamline the value chain, while also serving as an arena to discuss the evolving targets of education in the energy sector.

Collaborate with leaders from the energy, environment, geoscience, underground engineering, and policymaking communities as they convene to integrate knowledge and expertise, and to share technological solutions that will lead to more efficient and sustainable energy practices.





Influential Speakers

Drive change in the energy sector

Join this uniquely integrated event and help fuel innovation, prompt novel research, and hasten decarbonisation.


SPE Audience

Collaborative technical content

An enhanced strategic & technical programme from the energy, geoscience and engineering communities to ensure the industry has the necessary skills to achieve net zero. 


Sponsorship and Exhibition

Sponsorship and exhibition

A first-rate opportunity to reach a targeted  audience of both E&P and Environmental professionals and influence key decision makers.




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Sustainability As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are proactively implementing comprehensive measures to minimise our carbon footprint in every aspect of our events, encompassing venue selection, catering, merchandise options, and the reduction of printed materials. Our goal is to ensure that each facet aligns with environmentally conscious practices. Additionally, in line with our dedication to eco-friendly initiatives, we strongly encourage all attendees to opt for public transportation when commuting to the event venue, whenever possible. For those aware of fellow attendees utilising private cars or taxis, we also encourage exploring alternatives such as carpooling or sharing taxi services to further reduce our collective environmental impact. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in fostering a greener and more sustainable future.