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Opening Address by 2024 SPE President 

Wednesday 13 March

08:00 - 08:30 AM

Terry Palisch is the vice president of technology and engineering at CARBO Ceramics in Richardson, Texas, and the 2024 SPE President. He began his career with ARCO in Alaska and Algeria, joining CARBO in 2004 where he currently leads the Research and Development team. Palisch has been an active SPE member for over 40 years, serving in various roles, including past chairman of the SPE Dallas Section, past chair of the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) technical program and former SPE Completions Technical Director.

He is an SPE Distinguished Member and has received multiple SPE regional and international awards including Distinguished Service. He has coauthored more than 50 SPE technical papers and holds several patents.

Palisch holds a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from University of Missouri Rolla (now the Missouri University of Science and Technology) where he was recently recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus.


Terry Palisch - 2024 SPE President
CARBO Ceramics


Keynote Session

Indigenous Partnership in the Energy Industry

Wednesday 13 March

08:30-09:15 AM

Join us for an enlightening session delving into the critical components of major projects, where we'll explore the multifaceted landscape of indigenous participation, environmental preservation, and successful ownership models. Understanding the significance of indigenous involvement in major projects is key to fostering inclusive, sustainable development. We'll examine the pivotal role organizations like the FNMPC (First Nations Major Projects Coalition) play in advocating for environmental protection amidst resource development.


Keynote Speaker: Niilo Edwards, CEO - First Nations Major Project Coalition

SPE Canadian Energy Technology Conference and Exhibition

13 - 14 March 2024  |  BMO Centre at Stampede Park  |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada