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Panel - Toward Sustainable Energy Production: Mitigating Carbon Emissions in Artificial Lifting Methods  

0830 - 1000 | Thursday, 22 August

The session will dig into the complexities of artificial lifting techniques and their associated carbon footprints, examining current industry practices and technological advancements aimed at improving efficiency and reducing emissions. Key topics to be addressed include the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, into artificial lifting systems, the optimization of power consumption through advanced data analytics and automation, and the development of novel materials and technologies to enhance equipment performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry professionals, this panel is aiming to expand the adoption of environmentally responsible practices and accelerate the transition toward a more sustainable and cleaner future for oil and gas production. 


  • Rosmer Brito, Midland Basin Production Engineering Team Lead - XTO
  • Kevin Leslie, VP Artificial Lift Solutions - Weatherford
  • Nils Kaageson-Loe, Global Engineering & Technology Director - Baker Hughes
  • Dakai Yin, Senior ESP Advisor - Oxy


  • Daniel Croce, Business Development - Production Optimization - Weatherford
  • Jose Jaua, Global Product Champion - Artificial Lift - SLB


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