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Lawrence Camilleri


Camilleri & Associates

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Frank Corredor
Artificial Lift Intelevate Manager


Courtney Richardson
Lead QA/QC – ORCM Artificial Lift


Wilfried Manfoumbi
Production Engineer

Marathon Oil

Amine Zejli
Senior Petroleum Engineer

Chevron Technical Center

Harmonizing Horizons: Navigating Generational Dynamics in the Artificial Lift Community

Per one of EY’s poll on the oil and gas industry: “ A seismic cultural shift is under way that will make it increasingly difficult for oil and gas companies to attract and retain knowledgeable, highly skilled workers — undermining the industry’s ability to succeed in a rapidly changing world.” The oil and gas industry is indeed at a generational and digital crossroads. How will this industry attract and keep a new generation of talent used to higher resolution connectivity, mobility and how effective will it be in steering away from its “old ways” by leveraging the use of data analytics to help with real time decisions-making in order to optimize production, reliability while reducing costs and GHG? This plenary session will share perspectives from different generations on how the talent gap could be filled and how new technologies like AI/ML could be leveraged to enhance surveillance and optimization in order to improve volumes recovery and while reducing operational costs.

Our esteemed speakers will engage in in-depth discussions on the intricacies of generational surveillance. This involves a thorough exploration of the dynamics and challenges posed by varying generations within the Artificial Lift community.

The goal is to foster a collaborative environment that embraces the strengths of each generation, ensuring a cohesive and forward-thinking approach within the Artificial Lift community.