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SPE Asia Pacific Hydrogen Week 2023


SPE Asia Pacific Hydrogen Week

The inaugural event, SPE Asia Pacific Hydrogen Week, will take place in Perth, Australia from 18–22 September 2023.

As the world transitions toward cleaner and more sustainable energy sources to achieve net-zero goals, hydrogen is an emerging key player in the energy mix. The SPE Asia Pacific Hydrogen Week comprises of three main components – a training course, symposium and forum. This event will facilitate opportunities for the energy community to network, gather insights and keep abreast of the hydrogen economy, production, operations, and supply chain through discussions on the latest research, developments, market outlook and technological advancements.

Industry experts will strategically deliberate on the future of hydrogen and offer insights into key opportunities to scale up infrastructure development and new investments, optimise existing infrastructures for clean hydrogen supplies while addressing key challenges in policies, regulations and low cost production.

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Training Course

An Engineering Introduction to Hydrogen

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Gather insights on hydrogen economics, supply and demand, best practices and technological advancements

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Join experts and influencers to discuss and explore opportunities for the energy industry to contribute to the well-being of society in the medium to far future

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