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SPE SPE Asia Pacific Hydrogen Week
19–22 September 2023 | Perth, Australia
SPE Asia Pacific Hydrogen Week 2023 SPE Asia Pacific Hydrogen Week
19–22 September 2023 | Perth, Australia

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    SPE Asia Pacific Hydrogen Week
    19–22 September 2023 | Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre




The week-long event will focus on developing the hydrogen economy, production, operations and supply chain. Comprising two main components, the event will discuss emerging technologies, technical knowledge, strategic outlook and opportunities in the region for the future.

The SPE Asia Pacific Hydrogen week will provide the industry a platform to gather insights on hydrogen future, economics, supply and demand, best practices and technological advancements.



Gather insights on hydrogen economics, supply and demand, best practices and technological advancements

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Join experts and influencers to discuss and explore opportunities for the energy industry to contribute to the well-being of society in the medium to far future

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As the world looks to grow the availability of safe, clean, affordable and reliable energy that also helps the world decarbonise, hydrogen is an important part of the energy transition.  Hydrogen can safely power everything traditional energy can, without emitting CO₂. It’s clean, abundant, versatile, and can store energy at much higher densities than batteries. Best of all, when consumed, the only by-product is water. Hydrogen offers an exciting pathway for decarbonisation both domestically and for export. It is a huge commercial opportunity, with the potential to create thousands of new jobs and a multi-billion-dollar export market.

Learning more about the hydrogen economy is important in understanding where energy goes in the future and SPE is known for highlighting the latest research, market outlooks and technological advancements that drive our profession forward.  

Menno Weustink
Symposium Chair and
Vice President New Energy Projects
Woodside Energy

What to Expect

Discussions may include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Impact and Future of Hydrogen on the Energy Industry

  • Hydrogen Outlook and Forecast

  • Hydrogen Derivates and Fuels

  • Hydrogen Safety and Fugitive Emissions

  • Governance, Policies, and Collaboration

  • Infrastructure and Key Technologies

  • Hydrogen Supply Chain, Transportation and Storage

  • Commercial and Non-commercial Drivers

  • People and Skills Required for the Hydrogen Transition



  • Academia

  • Ammonia and Hydrogen Based Fuels

  • Analyst, Research and Development

  • Asset and Plant

  • Business Development, Commercial and Partnerships

  • Chemical and Engineering

  • Energy Transition

  • Geoscience and Reservoir

  • Hydrogen

  • Instrument, Process, Production and Facility

  • Legal, Strategy and Policy

  • Low Carbon and Decarbonisation

  • New Energy, Clean Energy and Renewables

  • Production and Operation

  • Project and Infrastructure

  • Research and Development

  • Quality

  • Regulators

  • Supply Chain, Transportation, Logistics and Storage

  • Sustainability

  • Technical, Technology and Innovation


SPE International is a not-for-profit organisation. Income from this event will be invested back into SPE to support many other Society programmes.

When you attend an SPE event, you help provide even more opportunities for industry professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence. Scholarships, certification, the Distinguished Lecturer programme, and SPE’s energy education programme Energy4me® are just a few examples of programmes supported by SPE.